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A  Little  Bit   About  Moi

Hello! I’m Justine, creator of Beau Bright. Beau is handsome in French... ooh la la and it just happens to be my first born son’s middle name too. Bright because if you asked me what my favourite colour is, (my kids do this at least once a day) the answer would be rainbow every time.


Stand out & Shine

So what’s my back story? Before I launched Beau Bright over a decade ago I enjoyed a long career in Visual Merchandising working for some of the world's most iconic and recognisable brands.

I have developed an eye for detail and a fresh perspective that I can carry through with each individual client.

Because you are just that ... uniquely you!

Relax, I’m here to take the pressure off and support you through your planning journey. We can guide and provide you with all the elements for any occasion, gorgeous rustic tables & benches, designed and hand crafted at Beau Bright HQ. Unique table centres, backdrops, ceiling décor and anything else you can possibly think of.

I hear you…between life and work, those extra hours you need to plan your wedding are hard to find. We can take the stress away and offer fun, flexible pick “n” mix style wedding planning.



07919 598205

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